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CPP employs approximately 1,100 people across the Group and provides employment opportunities both in the UK, and also internationally.

We aim to select the best possible candidates and look for people who demonstrate a natural affinity to our Group Values in how they work and interact with other people.

Our Values lie at the heart of our business. They provide the foundation of how we improve our Business Partner, customer and employee experience and ultimately support our business ambitions.

Human – is about being approachable and respecting your colleagues.

Responsive – reacting to situations and requests for the good of the business.

Dependable – not letting others down and delivering what you say you will, when you say you will.

Specialist – showing others that you are expert at what you do and being seen as a source of expert knowledge.

Proactive – is about not waiting to be asked to do something, but using your initiative to do what is best for the business.

These Values are embedded across the business and we find our most successful people live and breathe these behaviours.

About CPP

Focused on Life Assistance products and services

CPP is an international Life Assistance business operating across 15 geographical markets with more than 200 Business Partners worldwide.

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Training & personal development

The Group is committed to the continual development of its employees and offers a range of development courses that support employees throughout their career.

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CPP opera a lo largo de 15 países en Europa, América Latina, y Asia