The Group has placed an increasing amount of focus on ensuring that engagement and motivation levels of our employees are sustained at a high level. We also believe that strong business performance is built on the integrity and openness of our employees with customers, Business Partners and suppliers.

To achieve this we carry out a biannual Group Employee Engagement survey that takes place across the entire Group in local languages. The survey provides us with an insight into how people feel about working for the Group, their relationship with their manager and, in the UK, with valuable data on our employees’ attitudes towards Treating Customers Fairly. Action plans are created at organisational, departmental and manager levels to ensure that employee feedback is central to improving performance.

Algunos de nuestros talentoso colaboradores

Sam Beardsley

Sam Beardsley

Joined CPP in 2001

Sam is a manager in the Risk and Audit team. She began her career as a Team Manager working in Consumer sales in the York contact centre before holding a variety of operational support roles including UK Operations Change Manager.

As a Risk and Audit Manager, Sam’s main objectives and responsibilities are to scope and undertake risk management and internal audit reviews across all of CPP’s country operations against key controls and processes that have been agreed by the business. After presenting the findings to senior managers, Sam follows up to ensures that any identified risks are mitigated, controlled and managed.

"For me it’s the people, the culture and the opportunities at CPP that make it a great place to work. It’s also the fact that your contribution can make a real and positive difference."

Sid Mouncey

Sid Mouncey

Joined CPP in 2001

As Head of CPP’s Packaged Account and Wholesale business, Sid has an important role in contributing towards CPP’s growth ambitions.

Sid started working at CPP in 2001 as a sales agent and quickly advanced his career through the Consumer Sales department before becoming product manager for Card Protection in 2009. Recognised for his contribution, Sid became Head of Product before moving into his current role.

His main responsibilities include managing the overall profitability of the Packaged Account and Wholesale business and ensuring that the ‘packages’ tailored from CPP’s own product range and other third-party providers meet customers’ and Business Partners’ requirements and expectations.

Sid’s stakeholders are varied. From managing supplier relationships to liaising with Consumer Sales, technical teams and Business Partners contacts, his role is varied and challenging.

"CPP is full of opportunity for those who want to succeed. The business actively seeks out talent and develops it through opportunity and recognition. The ‘open door’ structure gives everyone an opportunity to progress their career, which is liberating and exciting."

Victoria Flash

Joined CPP in 2000

Victoria (Tory) is CPP’s Customer Experience Manager and her primary objective is to ensure the voice of the customer is heard ‘loud and clear’ across the business.

Tory started her career as a sales agent before a well-deserved ascent saw her appointed Acting Head of Tamworth in 2004. After a break for maternity, Tory returned to CPP as Campaign Manager for the Voice Channels before taking up her latest challenge.

Responsible for delivering programmes that deliver an excellent customer experience Tory uses, amongst others, customer-facing forums, root-cause analysis and reviews of Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) complaints to identity and escalate issues to implement positive customer experience change.

Her role sees her interact with people across the business including Product and Marketing, Operations, Legal and Compliance, Strategic Marketing as well as the executive management team.

""I have a fantastic role. My overriding objective is to ensure we deliver a great customer experience. Championing this across the business is critical to our sustained growth and celebrating great customer experiences, whether they are individual or company-wide, is very rewarding.""

Michael Lynch

Joined CPP in 1994

Today Michael is an Account Director for one of CPP’s major Business Partners in the Financial Services sector. He is responsible for developing and executing a strategic plan to drive revenue growth and deliver a mutually beneficial Business Partner relationship and customer experience.

Michael's role sees him work with employees from across the business, most significantly, operations, legal and compliance and sales and marketing. Externally his stakeholders include his Business Partner contacts through to the end customer.

Although Michael now occupies a key relationship position, he originally started work at CPP on a temporary contract aged 18. He held a variety of roles in the operations environment advancing his career as he gained more experience, expertise and knowledge of the business. Michael has been continually supported by CPP with internal and external professional training, including sponsorship on a degree level Management Diploma with the Chartered Institute of Management.

Having established himself as a Senior Operations Manager, in 2007 Michael moved into the Product team where he was responsible for the creation and maintenance of the Identity Protection market. During his time here, Michael further developed his skills and knowledge at the commercial heart of the organisation, before moving into his current role.

"On working at CPP Michael said: "Whether you want to develop a specialist skill, or gain experience in different aspects of business, CPP is a great place to work. I’ve been able to work closely with every area of CPP in a variety of roles and my personal career development has always been encouraged. There are many others who have been promoted to key roles internally, which demonstrates how proactive CPP is at recognising emerging talent and building expertise from within.""

Zoe Sullivan

Joined CPP in 2000

Zoe probably more than anyone exemplifies talent identified and fast-tracked through the organisation to a position that best suits her skills and personality.

She joined CPP in 2000 aged 23 as a receptionist at our York headquarters and quickly moved through a variety of roles in marketing and product before becoming product manager for Card Protection in 2007.

Her current role has seen her become established as a key member of the commercial sales team and a senior account director. Her main responsibilities are to manage the day-to-day relationship ensuring that CPP delivers an excellent Business Partner experience, and in doing so, maximise the penetration of CPP’s product portfolio and channel distribution.

Her stakeholders cover a variety of positions and seniority both internally and externally ensuing that Zoe has a varied and challenging role.

""CPP operates in a changing environment as a result of its regulated status, but also because its strategy for growth covers a number of different ambitions. I’m delighted to have had the opportunity to progress through the organisation and work in a number of different departments. If you are ambitious, its meritocratic culture will single you out for opportunity.""

Ali Chalk

Joined CPP in 1999

Ali is another employee who has shown that hard work and talent will pay off at CPP.

He joined CPP in November 1999 working in data processing as a scanning and index assistant, before progressing internally within this team. Looking to further his career, Ali was appointed a coach in customer service before being promoted to a Team Manager in 2002.

After holding a number of different management roles in customer service, he moved out of the operations side of the business to work in product and marketing. Ali’s subsequent contribution to CPP’s mobile phone insurance product has been important in ensuring that this insurance is now considered a key part of CPP’s life assistance product portfolio.

Today, Ali is now a scheme manager with one of CPP’s major Business Partners, working to ensure products deliver as expected and that the P&L delivers against budget. Treating Customers Fairly is a core component of Ali’s remit and customer engagement is fundamental to sustained success. On a typical day, Ali could work with a range of internal and external stakeholders including sales, operations, procurement, compliance as well as RBS personal responsible for its packaged accounts offering and its UK branch network.

"On working at CPP Ali said: “I couldn’t have asked for any more support at CPP over the last 12 years. Career progression is one reason why people stay at CPP. The business is committed to retaining talent and giving people the opportunity to advance professionally. If you are dedicated, it fair to say that CPP will match that ambition.”"

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