Employees and workplace

The Group has placed an increasing amount of focus on ensuring that engagement and motivation levels of our employees are sustained at a high level. We also believe that strong business performance is built on the integrity and openness of our employees with customers, Business Partners and suppliers.

To achieve this we carry out a biannual Group Employee Engagement survey that takes place across the entire Group in local languages. The survey provides us with an insight into how people feel about working for the Group, their relationship with their manager and, in the UK, with valuable data on our employees’ attitudes towards Treating Customers Fairly. Action plans are created at organisational, departmental and manager levels to ensure that employee feedback is central to improving performance.

Training and development

The Group is committed to the continual development of its employees and offers a range of development courses that support employees throughout their career. These range from initial induction support, through to a range of core skills modules and development programmes.

The Group is committed to supporting the career planning for all of its employees and the annual review process provides an opportunity for every employee to discuss their personal aspirations and what skills they would like to develop.

Equal opportunities

The Group believes in equal opportunities for all employees. Applications for employment are treated fairly and are based on merit, irrespective of race, gender, religious belief, disability, age, marital status and sexual orientation.

The Group’s policy is to give full and fair consideration to applications for employment made by disabled persons, taking into account their particular aptitudes and abilities and the nature of work involved. Should an employee become disabled, arrangements would be made, wherever practicable, to enable them to continue their employment within the Group, including the provision of appropriate training where relevant.

Health, safety and welfare

The Group is committed to ensuring that employees have a safe, healthy and pleasant working environment. In the UK, the Health and Safety Committee, with the assistance of external consultants, manages and monitors the effectiveness of its established Health and Safety policies and procedures. Health and Safety training initiatives have been in operation for some time.

We continue to aim to help employees to balance their work and personal lives. Flexible working is accommodated and in some instances is supported through the use of remote technology. Other initiatives such as the Flexible Benefits scheme allow employees to make choices on the provision of such items as pension provision, life assurance, medical and dental cover and childcare vouchers.

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