During the year, the Group has worked to develop an ethos of environmental responsibility. In the UK, our largest operation, initiatives have included:

Energy efficiency

Year-on-year energy usage is falling in spite of business growth. This is through working to ensure that our buildings, energy-management and monitoring systems are effective and efficient.

Minimising the use of paper

We continue to encourage customers, Business Partners and suppliers to use on-line services as opposed to paper-based services. Paper represents a considerable area of consumption for the Group and whilst there is a need for the business to continue to use paper for its communications, it has a policy for use of recycled paper and double-sided printing in its operations.

Waste reduction and recycling

The UK operation recycles its general paper, cardboard and non-confidential waste. Confidential waste paper is shredded and, where possible, recycled. Redundant IT equipment is disposed of in line with the UK Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive 2007. Printer cartridges and mobile phones are sent to recycling organisations at the end of their useful lives.

Carbon footprint

The Group endeavours to reduce its own carbon footprint whilst also encouraging its employees to reduce their own carbon footprint. In the UK, we are encouraging employees to use public transport, cycle, walk or car-share instead of using their own vehicles.

About CPP

Focused on Life Assistance products and services

CPP is an international Life Assistance business operating across 15 geographical markets with more than 200 Business Partners worldwide.

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CPP employs approximately 1,100 people across the Group and has a wide range of employment opportunities both in the UK, but also internationally.

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Training & personal development

The Group is committed to the continual development of its employees and offers a range of development courses that support employees throughout their career.

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