Key facts

CPP Office Locations

CPPGroup Plc (CPP) is an International Assistance business operating across 15 geographical markets with more than 200 Business Partners worldwide, in both developed and developing countries.

We also provide a range of travel support services such as translation and lost-and-found luggage services as well as access to airport lounges worldwide.

Our joint venture with Mapfre Asistencia provides assistance for plumbing, drainage, gas, electrical and other home-related emergencies.

Business Model

CPP operates a business-to-business-to-consumer business model which sees us sell and service annually renewed products to our Business Partners’ customers across 15 geographical markets.

Our Leadership

CPP’s Group Chairman is Charles Gregson and the Chief Executive is Paul Stobart . They are supported by CPP Board Directors and the Executive Committee.

Our International Markets

CPP’s Group headquarters is at Holgate Park, York, UK, but we have operations across Northern Europe, Southern Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific. CPP has targeted its geographical expansion with increased focus on key developing markets such as Turkey, India, Mexico and China.

Our Strategy

CPP has great strengths in its people, its products, its customer base, its systems and its business model. There’s more that we’re doing to strengthen the business; firstly, we focus on product marketing, secondly, focus on serving the customer to the best of our ability and thirdly, that we manage our business, and measure our performance, with enhanced discipline.

Our Performance

A challenging year which, combined with a difficult operating environment, resulted in a modest operating performance in 2012.

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CPP opera a lo largo de 15 países en Europa, América Latina, y Asia