Customer service and interaction are key to the success of our business and our relationships with Business Partners and customers. To ensure that each customer contact is personal, professional and of the highest quality, we conduct agent training and service monitoring through each stage of the sales, service and claims process, combined with regular customer satisfaction feedback. To help us improve our customer experience in the UK, we conduct detailed Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) research.

What our customers think of our services

"Without CPP’s help I think I probably would have been stressed to death trying to figure out how to deal with it myself."
Mrs P, Cheshire

"It just makes you feel quite sick really. My concerns were trying to get someone to listen…CPP made me feel like there was someone else there helping. It was good that there was somebody there that believed you, trying to help you"
Mrs S, Derbyshire

"The caseworker was brilliant. The manner she dealt with me, her helpfulness and also she kept me informed of what was happening. She was there for us. Anything I was worried about I could ring her and she would sort it. It was great."
Mr D, Bucks

"I can’t thank all of the folk I spoke to enough really because they really put my mind at rest."
Miss R, Aberdeen

"Well I’d recommend them to anybody. I seriously would because, as I say, the quickness, the swiftness of my case being dealt. I wasn’t left alone. I was guided through it. To me it’s very professional. I’m delighted with it."
Mr S, Coventry

"Without CPP Identity Protection I wouldn’t have known where to go. I would not have known where to start. Honestly, I would have had nowhere else to go. I would have been very frightened…They’ve been very, very helpful. They’ve been absolutely brilliant."
Mr H, Blackpool


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