Consumer products

Consumer products

CPP's portfolio of Life Assistance products are distributed across multiple market sectors in 15 geographic markets, which help our customers cope with the complexities and anxieties of modern life.

Our products address complex issues associated with credit and debit card ownership, personal identity, mobile telephones, legal affairs, travel and the home.

Customer service is key to the success of the business. We conduct agent training and service monitoring through each stage of the sales, service and claims process to strive to ensure that each customer contact is personal, professional and of the highest standard. Our contact centre operations support 7.9 million policies across Northern and Southern Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific.

Our existing customers can visit our consumer website here.

Product information is available on our new consumer website here.

Card Rescue

Card Rescue is a membership service that gives you 24/7 assistance to cancel your lost or stolen cards and sort out replacements for you and up to four additional members registered at your address. One free call to our Emergency Assistance team removes the hassle quickly and easily, leaving you free to get on with things.

Key Lifeline

Key Lifeline gives you 24/7 assistance if you need your spare keys. One call to our helpline and we'll arrange for your spare keys to be hand delivered to you by courier wherever you are in mainland UK. We aim to deliver your spare keys within two hours of your call being answered (as long as you're within 50 miles of your home address).

Airport Angel

A travel service that provides customers with access to more than 550 airport lounges in airports worldwide with complimentary facilities such as food and drink, business facilities and a host of support services.

Card Protection

Report lost or stolen cards with one call from anywhere in the world. Key features include card cancellation and re-issue, emergency cash advance, protection for keys, valuable document replacement, handbag and wallet replacement.

Identity Safe

Provides consumers with a comprehensive range of assistance services that help customers detect, prevent and resolve identity fraud. The key assistance features include a consultation with an identity fraud specialist to identify any immediate and long tem risks, web surveillance, unlimited access to credit reports, and a dedicated fraud specialist to help prove that a fraud has taken place. Should they need to go to court in order to clear their name, they are provided with a dossier of evidence to support their case.


Comprehensive insurance cover for mobile devices. Policies include cover for loss, theft and breakdown outside warranty and accidental damage.

Packaged Accounts

Products and services sourced from CPP’s own product range and from third-party providers to create a ‘package’ tailored to customers’ requirements. Products and services can range from roadside assistance to travel insurance and are primarily used in current accounts.

Home 3

Home emergency assistance for plumbing, drainage, gas, electrical and other home emergencies through our joint venture with Mapfre Asistencia.

Travel Assistance

Travel support services, including passport assistance, translation service, and a lost-and-found luggage service.

About CPP

Focused on Life Assistance products and services

CPP is an international Life Assistance business operating across 15 geographical markets with more than 200 Business Partners worldwide.

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Business model

CPP operates a business-to-business-to-consumer business model. This proven model operating across 15 geographical markets sees us sell and service annually renewed products to our Business Partners’ customers.

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Business partners

The strength of our Business Partner relationships, as evidenced by the duration of many of our partnerships, provides a solid foundation for delivering sustained growth across the Group.

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