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CPP is an international Life Assistance business operating across 15 geographical markets with more than 200 Business Partners worldwide.

Via its Business Partners, CPP provides Life Assistance products that help consumers cope with the anxieties and complexities of modern life. Today consumers are increasingly reliant on their payment cards and mobile phones; they travel more, value their free time, and want to protect what is most valuable to them – at home and abroad. The loss or disruption of these life essentials can be inconvenient and stressful.

CPP’s annually renewed and packaged products provide assistance and insurance across a wide range of market sectors helping our customers to live life and worry less.

Many of our Business Partners are international businesses that help to support our strategy to expand internationally in new developing market economies. Our Business Partners operate across multiple market sectors including financial services, mobile telecommunications, travel, membership/affinity and retail.

CPP operates a business-to-business-to-consumer business model. This proven model sees us sell and service annually renewed products to our Business Partners’ customers. Today we have 7.9 million live policies.

CPP has targeted its geographical expansion with increased focus on key developing markets such as Turkey, India, Mexico, China & Brazil. Countries are selected according to specific criteria, such as where the existing and expected growth in bankable population and plastic cards presents a significant and sustainable growth opportunity and the extent to which the Group may be able to leverage existing Business Partner relationships.


CPP has a clearly defined strategy for delivering continued growth. Our growth strategy is based on product development and innovation.

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Consumer products

CPP continues to diversify and broaden its portfolio of Life Assistance products that are distributed across multiple market sectors.

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CPP opera a lo largo de 15 países en Europa, América Latina, y Asia